The scientific name for Garlic is Allium Sativum L. The health benefits of garlic are innumerable. This superfood has been believed to be specifically beneficial in the healing of the respiratory system, digestion and for treating parasitic infections for centuries. To name but a few. The medicinal effects and health benefits of garlic are due to the large amounts of sulphur found in garlic. Constitutionally garlic is made up of  vitamins and minerals such as calcium, copper, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc and selenium. As well as at least 33 sulphur compounds and 17 amino acids.

    1. Enhanced Immunity –

      The active ingredient ‘Allicin’ is known to strengthen the immune system, whereby enabling the body to combat common colds and flus by reducing the severity of the symptoms experienced as well as the recurrence of the contagion. A 12 week study conducted established that the symptoms of colds can be reduced by up to 63%.

    2. Anti Fungal/ Bacterial –

      Garlic is a potent defence mechanism against a range of bacterias, including Salmonella, Staphylococcus and others. Studies have shown that the allicin in garlic has proven useful in combatting Candida albicans as well.

    3. Anti-Microbial –

      The Anti-Microbial properties of garlic are attributed to the sulphur compounds found in garlic namely allicin. Whereby, it has the ability to destroy and inhibit the growth of pathogens.

    4. Ulcers –

      Garlic is thought to be an exceptional preventative and protective assistant to lower gastric ulcers, by inhibiting the growth of the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria (and others) which are the cause of most ulcers.

    5. Lowering Blood Pressure –

      A study has confirmed that garlic has the ability to lower blood pressure by reducing diastolic pressure.

    6. Anti-oxidant –

      A Study conducted on sprouted garlic verified that garlic that had been left to sprout for a period of 5 days contained higher levels of anti-oxidants than its younger counterparts.