Al-Shifah strives in providing natural health care for the entire family,using a broad range of modalities/ services with continual advice,  support and motivation in order to achieve optimum health.

Services we provide:

is effective in treating a  variety of health concerns in  children, adults and the elderly. Naturopathy holds firm to the proverb “Prevention is better than cure”. Thus the focal point of Naturopathy centers around prevention as well as early detection of a person’s likelihood (predisposition) of health problems arising.

Derived from the Greek word homeo, meaning same, and pathos, meaning sufferinghomeopathy essentially treats “like with like”. The patient describes his or her symptoms in great detail, with equal emphasis placed on both physical and psychological symptoms. The practitioner then prescribes very small, nontoxic doses of a selected substance that, at higher doses, would produce the same symptoms in a healthy person.

Western Herbal Medicine is the study and use of medicinal herbs to prevent and treat diseases or to promote health and wellbeing. The Western Herbal Medicine practitioner prescribes herbal medicine treatments in a variety of different forms (tinctures, tablets/capsules, teas, ointments/creams) and provides basic dietary guidelines to manage a range of health conditions.

involves the examination of the iris – the colourful area of the eye around the pupil. An individual’s level of health and/or specific deficiencies in nutrition can be identified by examining the iris. From this diagnosis recommendations for suitable remedies and treatment regimes can be made.

is a crucial part of any health regime. Your dietary habits will be analysed using a food diary for the past week in order to determine any nutritional deficiencies and over indulgence in specific foods. Learn which foods will energise and alkalise you therefore enhance your health and energy.

is an effective tool to re-balance all the reflex points in the feet in turn balancing different organ channels with in the body.