A few months ago i was suffering from severe fatigue, but the doctors seemed unconcerned even though  a blood test showed thyroid and liver dysfunctions and nutritional deficiencies (due to malabsorption). I went to Al-Shifah instead and felt relief that they took me seriously. After a thorough consultation, some gentle supplements were prescribed and it did not take me long to start feeling better. Now I feel completely normal! I recently had another blood test and it showed that my thyroid  is back to normal, my liver is the best it has ever been and my nutritional deficiencies have been corrected! I firmly believe that God created the cure and Al-Shifah takes the time to listen and understand and then choose and apply the most gentle and appropriate cure for healing.


Queens Park

After having several surgeries on my back, I visited Al Shifah to aid my recovery via homoeopathy. I was feeling physically weak, slightly depressed & anxious about my future and generally in a bad way healthwise. I have been really impressed with the help I have received and the way I have improved so dramatically. I am happy to say that all of my problems have been addressed and I am so grateful to feel so much better. A huge thank you Al Shifah!!!



I had just approached menopause and was having terrible hot flushes. Sometimes I would even experience 10 or more a day. They were so severe I would begin to feel sick. I would feel so drained that when I would come home from work I would go straight to bed. I decided to contact Al-Shifah to see if they could help in any way. After a consult with Bahrain. I was prescribed some herbal remedies and within a week I was starting to feel better. I also asked if I could combine the herbal remedies with acupuncture. I found this combination to be really effective. Some days I have no flushes at all and other days maybe 1 or 2. It’s much more manageable now and I was determined to find an alternative therapy to hormone replacement. Thank you both Bahrain and Selwa for all your help and continued support!

E. Halim


Straight away I was asked about my experience with my previous labour, all things seeming irrelevant to me at the time but of course, unknown to me, it was all important to help find the right remedy for my body; everyone is different! Furthermore, they noticed I was feeling ‘under pressure’ to have the baby as I was constantly being asked “Have you had it yet?!”.

     They explained that all this stress was not helping my body to relax and begin the labour process. After studying my case the herb that they felt best suited me was out of stock and of course just my luck it was the weekend so the warehouse was closed!

     However, the Al-Shifah team were so caring and committed to helping me that come Monday morning Bahrain’s wife was at my door with the remedy they hoped would help. I was so touched. She had obviously driven out to the warehouse first thing in the morning to find the particular homeopathic for me.

     I had a feeling that God would put goodness in this medicine, so I waited until just before I went to bed before I took it as I wanted to get a good night’s rest. With God’s blessing I had a lovely sleep, a relaxing breakfast and then noticed by mid-morning my body was showing signs of labour! By lunch I even began contractions! All praises be to God, He delivered to us a healthy (4.13kg!) baby boy in the evening. The labour itself was probably half the time of my first baby. The Al-Shifah team were so wonderful I was even on the phone to them on my way to the birthing centre! We were all excited!

     After birth one of the midwives suggested for me to take some natural remedies to help with the post-birth uterus contractions, and I was thrilled to say “I’ve got some right here! My naturopath gave me some to bring with me!”.

I write this testimony with such a smile as it truly was such a blessed and happy experience, all praises to God.

     Thank you Al-Shifah for all your help; you caringly listened to me and my body!

Sharon Dias


My daughter who is 20 months old now and has been suffering from constipation since she was 6 months old. She has been on prescription medications recommended by doctors since then. Unfortunately even with these medications her constipation was not resolved. Therefore, leaving my daughter fretful and distressed at the slightest urge of a bowel movement. Which was still painful and irregular even with these medications

     After searching on the internet, I came across Al-Shifah Clinic and took my daughter for a consult on the 19th of April 2012. At this point she had no bowel motion for the last 2 days. I found the Al-Shifah Team to be very friendly and supportive taking my daughters case into great depth addressing all relevant issues associated with her condition.

     My daughter was given one dose of homeopathics during the consult and we were given a bottle of minerals to start on a regular basis together with some dietary advice. We were also advised to stop the laxatives in order for the natural remedies to take effect.

     I followed the instructions from the Al-Shifah Team and to my amazement, the very next day my daughter had a bowel motion for the first time in 14 months without any anxiety, pain or suffering. She has been regular ever since without any problems.

     I hope and pray that my daughter has recovered from her ailment for good.

     As a mother, I cant begin to explain my relief to see my daughter able to pass bowel motions without suffering!

     A very big Thank – you to the Al-Shifah Team, I truly appreciate all your help with my daughter and will definitely recommend this clinic to everyone I know!



Recently I was struck with sinusitis, and as I was breastfeeding I wanted to avoid antibiotics. I was prescribed by my doctor an expensive nasal spray. It was so costly the pharmacist gave me a special receipt for tax purposes!

     After a few days of no relief I became frustrated and sent my husband back to the pharmacy to try some other product. They informed him that as I was breastfeeding, other drugs may ‘dry up’ my milk, and the spray should work but would probably take 7 days. I dreaded the thought of having a sore head and ears for a week so it occurred to me to contact Al-Shifah. I had a consultation with them and felt so comfortable I ended up telling them any and all ailments both physical and emotional that I had, not just sinus related symptoms. I felt like I had just seen a counsellor! They were so approachable.

     Bahrain suggested a remedy for my particular case of sinusitis, as well as some dietary advice and supplements for my other ailments. He thought only one dose of the homeopathic remedy for my sinusitis would be enough. I took the dose late afternoon and by the middle of the night when I woke to tend to my baby I noticed adefinite change. I contacted Al-Shifah in the morning and they explained how the homeopathic was working. Needless to say I was excited. I had experienced a change in hours rather than days! I am so pleased with the results that I highly recommend Al-Shifah to others and hence have written this testimonial.

     Thank you Al-Shifah for such a wonderful service, your approachable manner makes it easy to discuss even the most of private issues, which I feel aids in the overallsuccess of the treatment; if we can’t tell you our ailments, how can they be treated?

Mimi Weale

Canning Vale

I just wanted to quickly say a BIG THANK YOU and let everyone know how much I appreciate your help with my sleep problem. For over 5 years now I’ve had trouble falling & staying asleep. It literally took me 3-4 hours to fall asleep & being a light sleeper, the smallest noise can interrupt & ruin it all. Until lately, it was just getting worse & worse. Most nights, I’d still be up at the break of dawn fighting to sleep. Needless to say, I end up tired & irritable during the day due to the lack of rest. The frustration was just too much to bear. Ironically, as explained by Al-Shifah, my body was overtired & my mind was overactive, hence the difficulty in falling asleep. I was introduced to some homeopathics to help calm my nerves/mind, physically relax & improve the quality of my sleep. I’m surprised at how quickly & well it has worked not only for me but for my 2 y.o. as well! (Yes, it’s even safe enough for him to take!) I fall asleep in no time & have no problems staying asleep. I take that back. No problems except for ONE – my partners’ snoring 🙂 If we can banish that then all the better! Any recommendations? Getting a good night’s sleep is something we should all aspire to! I’m sure we all agree that good sleep is important for our physical, emotional & mental health. For those out there who are still skeptical about natural health alternatives, I urge you to give it a go. You’ll be surprised, as I was, at how powerful & effective it can be for you. Thanks again, Al-Shifah Clinic!

Ina A.


I’ve been experiencing very bad period pains since the birth of my eighth child, a year ago. As the pain was getting worse, last month I went to the doctor’s and was prescribed really strong antibiotics that would apparently “make me feel sick”. I don’t have time to be sick, so I sought advice from Al- Shifah. Al-Shifah prescribed me some homeopathics. And this month, for the first time in a year, my period came and went with no pain 🙂

Monique Van De Kar


I was anxious and frightened about the impending birth of my second child. The Al-Shifah Clinic created a pregnancy and birth plan which was tailored specifically to my needs. They recommended homeopathic remedies which eased my anxiety and helped me to relax and sleep during my pregnancy. They also recommended remedies to take during the labor. As a result my labor was extremely quick, drug free and without any complication. My beautiful son was born within less than 5 minutes of pushing. The remedies recommended for after the birth ensured a quick recovery both mentally and physically.

F. Syaid


Am a firm believer in the whole body healing approach and that God has placed a cure for every disease in the things He created on earth. Developed a bad case of hives, which was affecting my sleep. After changing my diet drastically with no relief, booked a consultation out of desperation to be rid of the hives. Within a week of following the dietary recommendation and taking the herbal remedies I find I am hive free. Feel confident that I have been given the appropriate remedies and not a ‘bandaid’ to be able to manage the condition if it ever were to reoccur. Plan to stick to the dietary recommendation even without hives as I have felt great improvement in the health of my body. The iridology gives such insight into the condition of the body, amazing!

Patricia Kennedy 

Vic Park

My family suffer from some varying degree of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which unfortunately has lead to Bowel Cancer with a number of senior members in their later years. In my fifties I noticed I had developed an Irritable Bowel which I learnt to live with even though it had at times become quite debilitating for days.

     My annual Medical check up including a Colonscopy I was given a clear bill of health, but no other recommendation in what else could be done, besides my self imposed healthly diet, routine exercise, and adequate rest so I decided to look at natural therapy to enhance my quality of good health.

On my first visit to Baharin, I found him to be very professional in his approach and I was comfortable and appreciative to his sensitivity of having to ask inquiring questions to obtain a picture of my over all life style.

     I agreed with his diagnoses and was also impressed with his Iridology findings. Within 10 days of the recommended treatment I found my stomach to be calmer, less wind and reflux with a more natural bowel movement beginning to to occur and lessening of the discomfort within my bowel lining.

     I would highly recommended Bahrain, his knowledge, understanding and dedication to Natural Therapies has certainly contributed to my on going optimal healthy life as I venture with confidence into my mid sixties.



My husband recently had an operation for his sinus. Apparently the cartilage in his nose had become deformed and had closed the nasal passage. The surgeon performed a septoplasty operation which causes lots of bleeding and he had to be observed very closely for 10 days. The Al-Shifah Clinic recommended some tablets to be taken 3 times a day to stop the bleeding and help with inflammation. 10 days later he saw the surgeon who was amazed at his quick recovery with not much bleeding. Thank you to Allah SWT. and Al-Shifah Clinic.

Mrs N. Millson


The professional and intuitive treatment I received at Al-Shifah clinic not only corrected the health issue I had but improved my over all health and well being! I highly recommend this naturopathic clinic to all that I encounter.


Queens Park

For years I suffered with terrible periods and crippling cramps. After developing DVT which led to clots in both lungs as a side effect of taking the pill, I saw Bahrain who prescribed several natural therapies. The longer I take them the more the pains ease with each period. I have recommended Al-Shifah Clinic to several of my friends for varying reasons.