The Journey of Fertility and Life


Considering pregnancy can be an exciting stage for couples. Al- Shifah Clinic is committed to embarking on this journey of fertility and life with you, every step of the way. Beginning with preparation for pre-conception, conception, pregnancy, labor and beyond. Much like a plant’s need for a fertile environment in order to have the correct growing conditions, it is also vital for your body to be in the best possible shape for conception.

Pre- Conception preparation –

Amidst all the excitement and nerves, lifestyle changes should take place in order to boost fertility and your chances of successful conception. This will also help to reduce pregnancy related issues and assisting in the postpartum recovery.

Our fertility package includes a full consultation, in order to gauge and assist your health. To ensure that your body reaches a state of optimal nutrition and health to give yourself and your baby the best possible start. This package is not limited to women only, but is also available for male fertility issues. We take pride in delivering unique advices and services for each individual, as we understand that everyone has differing needs and circumstances.

Any nutritional deficiencies, lifestyle changes and hormonal imbalances will be addressed in a tailor made regiment, that may include other services such as dry needling, massage etc. Supplements that increase fertility will also be recommended.

Al-Shifah Clinic offers 6 sessions of dry needling specific to conception . Which increases blood flow in the reproductive area in order to promote circulation. Thus resulting in the activation of the ovaries and preparing the area for successful implantation. Dry needling supports the process as it has been shown to regulate hormones, improve the menstrual cycle, encourage ovulation and decrease stress. Dry needling combined with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, as well as our tailor made prescriptions help couples in conceiving.

Conception / Pregnancy

Once you have conceived, it is imperative that your stress levels are minimised for the health of your baby as well as your own health. Stress is relieved by the brain releasing neuropeptides which are molecules that allow neurones and effector cells to communicate into the central nervous system. High levels of stress (cortisol production) have been linked to the increase of miscarriages in women. Therefore, decreasing stress and anxiety is vital to women struggling with fertility and or continuing with a healthy pregnancy.

At this stage, our care involves dealing with pregnancy related concerns such as, nausea, fatigue and muscle aches but are not limited to these. Depending on what you are facing, we offer a range of services to facilitate your journey and make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.


We recommend a consultation at the 37 week mark of your pregnancy to begin the preparation for labor. As we believe that this is the perfect time to gently kick start the arduous and tedious process of labor. This method, aims to prepare the uterus, ensuring effective contractions therefore, shortening the time spent in the last stage of labor. This is achieved by administering homeopathic remedies based on the outcome of your consult. As well as, other advices to get the labor going.

This support will continue until your baby is born.

Post Partum

Dealing with the well – being of the mother at this stage, is just as significant as any of the previous stages thus far. As with any of the other phases of pregnancy, everyone’s experiences will differ each time. Based on your current physical as well as emotional needs, we are able to facilitate your recovery accordingly, using a range of services.